We help integrate IaC into automated pipelines to transform managing infrastructure.

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a way to automate and back up your environment. In other words, you can fully and automatically rebuild the infrastructure:

  • allocate new resources;
  • restore configuration from code repository;
  • restore data from backup.
Working of Serverless Architecture

Infrastructure as code consists of three main concepts:

  • Configuration management automation called continuous configuration automation.
  • A code repository for infrastructure changes, where changes are first committed, documented, verified, tested, and then deployed using automation.
  • Providing a managed infrastructure - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Either through cloud computing, private or managed cloud or managed data center services.
10 common uses for serverless platforms

Advantages of IaC with Mad Devs:

Immutable infrastructure

We help companies integrate IaC into their automated pipelines in order to transition from their traditional infrastructure, created by click-ops, to a modern, fully-capable IaC managed infrastructure; thus, minimizing cost and mitigating security risks.

Immutable infrastructure

Deployment speed

Enjoy an immense increase in environment provisioning and configuration speed by shortening the server delivery time from hours to seconds.

High scalability

When you are working with virtualized cloud instances, additional app instances can be provisioned easily and within the shortest time and they can be freed up when not needed by ensuring top scalability level.


Short feedback loops

With IaS, developers can deploy infrastructure rapidly, therefore, new features can be developed asap in response to customer feedback.

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