We plan and execute cloud strategy for full-stack cloud migration.

Cloud migration is the transfer of digital business operations to the cloud. It involves moving data, applications, software, PCs, or infrastructure to the provider's cloud. There are two types of migration:

  • from physical infrastructure to cloud
  • from one cloud platform to another (from another provider)

This process requires quite a lot of preparation, but it is usually worth the effort, leads to cost savings and more flexibility.

How we develop cloud migration:

Step 1. Ensuring the migration of existing data

The first step is to create an initial copy of the existing data in the cloud storage. This process will require choosing the right storage and then creating an initial copy of all of your data. Therefore, it was so important to choose the ideal cloud computing service in the previous stage.

Step 2. Configuring ongoing replications

After exporting your local storage and copying it to the cloud storage, the next step is to set up the sync process. Each operation requires registering changes to data and its schema and applying those changes to the cloud. We test sync for latency and reliability as these parameters are critical to the success of full cloud migration.

Step 2. Configuring ongoing replications

Step 3. Creating security strategies

Without careful consideration of how to protect your data, cloud migration can bring new challenges. Therefore, our DevOps engineers establish proper security and access.

The Phases of Migration

Cloud migration with Mad Devs:

Accurate assessment

We determine the solution readiness for the cloud. We assess the solution architecture, usage, resources, dependencies for accurate assessment and proper optimization.

Faster and smoother migration

We avoid issues that occur during cloud migration and impact service delivery and cause delays by resolving problems immediately and even stopping faulty code builds before they are pushed to production.

Faster and smoother migration

More efficient operation

We ensure proactive problem detection and resolution via a well-structured, cost-efficient, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack cloud infrastructure migration.

Cloud migration is the key for serverless infrastructure adoption. And it has significant benefits for you.

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Marat Bediev

Marat Bediev

Senior DevOps Engineer

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