The product is tested continuously ifor errors, bugs, gaps, and compliance with requirements.

Extensive testing is key to delivering excellent product quality. We use different approaches and techniques to test products thoroughly.

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How to improve testing effectiveness

There are tests relying on different criteria that allow for looking at the product from various angles. At Mad Devs, we perform an array of tests to check the quality of the product and its compliance with all the requirements. We also use special techniques to make testing easier and more effective.

Product quality testing

Product quality can be tested differently.Tests can check each component of the product individually, verify the system’s performance under load, examine the interaction of all system’s components, and check the business requirements for the product.

Product quality testing

How we test the quality of the product

We apply a number of tests to check every aspect of the solution. We test code at a low level by carrying out unit tests. They help us look into each module or unit of the system and detect problems at an early development stage. We apply integration tests to see how all the units of the system work together. Due to load testing, we can check the system’s behaviour under various load conditions. We conduct acceptance tests to ensure the product meets business needs and customer requirements.

Compliance testing

Before it is released, every software product should be tested for its compliance with all relevant standards and requirements set by the development team, the customer, and the industry. Compliance tests help maintain the high quality of end-users’ products.

Compliance testing

Why we perform compliance testing

Compliance testing enables us to check the compliance of the product with both internal and external requirements. Development goes smoothly when all the processes are in place, the code is well documented, and the team follows the necessary procedures, such as time-tracking and reporting. With that, when developing the product, we always keep the customer’s requirements and expectations in mind. For product compliance testing, we use test cases and checklists (high-level lists of items to be checked and criteria to be met).

Test boilerplates

Boilerplate code is reusable code that can be used multiple times with minimal changes or with no changes at all. Developers employ boilerplates that have simple and effective testing tools to accelerate testing processes.

Test boilerplates

Why we use test boilerplates

We use boilerplates to enhance our QA and testing procedures. The Mad Devs team developed our own boilerplate framework for E2E (end-to-end) testing to validate the overall performance of the system from the end-user’s point of view. This boilerplate framework is based on Selenium. To facilitate load testing, we use the Artillery framework, which helps verify the resilience of our backend solutions.

At Mad Devs, we carry out complete testing of the product to make sure it complies with the quality standards and fully meets the requirements of the customer and end-users. To optimize our QA and testing procedures, we leverage test cases, checklists, and boilerplate frameworks.

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