The CI/CD pipelines and style guides we prepare serve as the foundation for development.

Before turning to the active development phase, developers can make the necessary preparations that will help them release the product quickly and successfully.


How to lay the foundation for effective development

Experienced development teams know how to deliver clean and robust code to production and avoid costly adjustments after the product’s release. A reliable way to achieve this is to set up CI/CD pipelines and develop project rules together with style guides.

CI/CD pipelines

CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery or continuous deployment) is a set of practices that automate the development process. The CI/CD pipeline comprises several stages, during which the code is built, tested, merged, and deployed to production.


Why we set up CI/CD pipelines

We set up CI/CD pipelines in GitLab and GitHub repositories to freely and continuously deliver code to test/demo/staging or production instances automatically and without any need for human actions. With CI/CD, we can get early feedback from end-users and improve existing product features or add new ones. Thanks to the automated CI/CD processes, we can significantly speed up project delivery and reduce development costs. Continuous integration and continuous delivery are key parts of our DevOps services.


DevOps is a software development methodology that unites practices, processes, and tools geared toward expediting product release and enhancing code quality. The key DevOps principles embrace automation, iteration, collaboration, communication, and CI/CD.    


How we assist customers using DevOps

Following the DevOps fundamentals, the Mad Devs teams work in unison to bring customers’ products to market faster and fully satisfy end-user needs. With DevOps, we can provide regular project updates, quickly detect and fix problems, and cut down on development and maintenance costs. Our DevOps engineers can perform a technical audit of your infrastructure and help you optimize it to achieve limitless scalability and improve your operational efficiency.

Style guides

A style guide is a set of guidelines for developers who write code for a particular project. It includes coding standards concerning naming, formatting, comments, etc.


Why we develop style guides

We develop a style guide to make the code readable and consistent throughout the entire project. Our style guides contain clear instructions that eliminate ambiguity, accelerate the development and maintenance processes, and simplify project onboarding. As a result, the Mad Devs programmers deliver code that can be easily read and updated.  

Project rules

Project rules are agreements between a customer, stakeholders, a team, and everyone involved in the project. These rules may address the project’s scope, expectations, and other aspects.


Why we specify project rules

Mad Devs creates project rules to ensure we have the same understanding of the project as our customers do. A transparent approach and tight communication help us clarify every single detail and agree on the project’s scope, goals and expectations, timeline, budget, deliverables, responsibilities, and other points. Mad Devs’ project rules are well documented and referred to during the whole product development cycle.

We at Mad Devs take all the necessary measures to provide our customers with high-quality software and reduce time to market. Thus, we apply the best DevOps practices, set up CI/CD pipelines, develop style guides and project rules. Once all the preparations are made, we can proceed to the active development stage.

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